iBharat.org - India's next generations swadeshi search engine

A thoughtful mind, when it sees a nation’s flag, sees not the flag, but the nation itselfa ante.

Henry Ward Beecher.

We gave rise to iBharat.org, a swadeshi search engine, to help the Indians with a personalized internet experience. We have always evolved the patriotic essence to every action, and now our iBharat.org is prepared to greet the Indians with a swadeshi touch even in the search results.

A search engine is designed to gather millions of answers within microseconds in return to the phrases placed in the search bar. Most of the web crawlers are programmed to dig out results from both the national and international sources, but iBharat.org is here with some customized features to provide outcomes related to India. We have categorized the search engine for the users to have smooth internet research.

How does iBharat.org serve the web surfers?

We have designed iBharat.org in a more straightforward way that connects even the non-tech-savvy users. Our expert team has divided the search bars into 5 categories such as,

· All
· Swadeshi
· Shopping
· News
· Verified

The categories mentioned above won’t tangle the answers but will provide you with precise results according to your search.

1. All: In this searching option, you can get any type of searching experience irrespective of national and international.

2. Swadeshi: This is a personalized searching option to receive results relating to Indian companies, start-ups, commercial sectors, and small businesses. We have prepared this searching option to support the Indians.

3. Shopping: This is our sponsored searching option, where you are directed straight to the eCommerce sites for shopping. We know that people will lean more on online marketing platforms other than physical stores in the future. Keeping that in mind, we have focused on this searching category.

4. News: In this search category, you can receive results related to news and current affairs.

5. Verified: This is perhaps the best category of all in iBharat.org. You can use this verified category to skip the fraudulent activities. We only allow the verified websites under this searching option to keep our users safe. Our experienced engineers validate the well-known websites and keep them in the verified section. You can blindly rely on the search results regarding the authenticity under this search engine category.

Why choose our iBharat.org?

iBharat.org is not just a search engine; instead, it is a way to motivate the Indians to unite and grow together. With this personalized search engine, we have tried to shed light on the small businesses and start-ups so that they get a chance to fight the international market. The seamlessly genuine outcomes will help you filter your search and get hold of the exact information you are looking for.

Therefore, feel free to join our community and take steps forward to highlight this proud nation, India. Support us; encourage us so that we can boost up our services to the next level to add new feathers in the cap.